36 Hours in San Francisco and Berkeley

San Francisco typically wows visitors with its heights or its sights. The hills sear themselves into memory after a few up-and-down-and-up-again cable car rides or punishing walks. Then there are the vistas: the sweeping views of the city, the postcard-ready Victorians below Alamo Square Park. But surrounding all of that is the waterfront: miles of Pacific Ocean coastline and the expansive natural harbor of San Francisco Bay.

The first thing I noticed when I got to San Francisco was how colorful all the trees were! Coming from Southern California, all the trees look the same. There were red leaves, yellow leaves, and more...it looked like fall in San Francisco! I was looking for a place to eat breakfast and came across All Star Cafe, a little bakery. Inside, I learned that they made all their own breads, bagels, muffins and more every morning fresh..and of course I ordered one of everything!

After visiting the University of California, Berkeley with my friend showing me around, we realized that it was beginning to get a bit chillier and that the sun was soon to go down. Loving my sunset photos, I wanted to quickly find the highest point we could, which my friend recommended a stadium that was up a hill. Now we already went over how many hills there were in the area, and how steep they were, but we tried anyway. Realizing that it was getting darker and the sun was almost all the way down, we frantically looked for another idea so we could view the sunset (right now we couldn't see anything because everything was behind the trees. I shouted to some students sitting on the roof of one of the houses and asked if we could join them up there. They said yes and proceeded to show us how to get up... an unstable ladder on the side of the house with a big sign saying "One person at a time!". We climbed up this ladder (very carefully) and then there we were, on this roof, with the most beautiful view of Berkeley and the Golden Gate Bridge in the far off distance across the water. You had to be there, it was such an amazing specular!

The next morning, with only a few hours left to actually see San Francisco, we rushed onto the Bart and headed on our way...