Full Lunar Eclipse in Southern California

The sun, earth, and moon aligned on December 10th, creating a full lunar eclipse which was viewable from most of the western hemisphere. Three friends and I decided to wake up early and take pictures of the phenomena. Our adventure began at 3:30 AM in Costa Mesa, as we drove around looking for a good spot on PCH. We ended up in Laguna Beach and set up the tripods and cameras to begin taking pictures. Less than two hours after we had set everything up and were beginning to warm up, the tide came crashing in on us!!

Luckily, all of our camera gear was saved, but the sleeping bags and pads got soaked, forcing us to have to stand the rest of the night. I swear we only made it because Ann Marie took such amazing care of us, bringing us all coffee and keeping us warm!

Update 12/12/11: Below are a couple more images provided by Nick Carver, a published outdoors photographer located in Orange County. You can see larger images of the lunar eclipse and more on his blog www.nickcarverphotography.com and if you are interested in learning how to shoot eclipses like a pro, Nick also offers landscape photography classes.